Since 1979, Legal Investigative Services, Inc., has provided litigation support to hundreds of plaintiff and defense law firms as well as insurance companies; not just in Missouri, but nationwide.

Established in 1979

We have provided Litigation Support to plaintiff and defense firms for 42 years. We will provide references on request.


Our staff includes Ret. MSHP Colonel J. Bret Johnson, Ret. MSHP Captain James Wilt, and Ret. MSHP Major/MOSTA Exec. Director Kemp Shoun.

Additionally our staff includes an ACTAR Certified reconstructionist/CVO with vehicle download capabilities.


Through our access to a variety of databases we gather information quickly and inexpensively, which we verify by investigative follow up. We understand how to access information and materials from all levels of governmental agencies: local, statewide and nationwide.

Welcome to Legal Investigative Services!

Since 1979, Legal Investigative Services, Inc., has been the “go to” investigation firm for complex litigation cases. Doug and his staff have legal and law enforcement backgrounds and understand the intricacies of accident reconstructions, evidence preservation, witness testimony, injury documentation, etc.

About Our Company

Legal Investigative Services, Inc., has the ability to obtain information from broad geographical areas in order to provide details quickly and inexpensively—much faster than via manual searches. We have access to a wide variety of records in multiple locations including several “immediate response” sources. These include: Driver’s license/DMVVehicle registrationCommercial driver employment historyEmploymentCourtsIndividual name searchesUnlisted phone numbersAddressesAssetsBankruptciesTax liensJudgmentsProperty searchesWorkers’ compensation – Criminal histories

Why Choose Us

We have nearly 42 years of experience working complex litigation cases
We have worked with hundreds of plaintiff and defense firms in the Midwest and nationwide
We understand and interact with insurance companies and governmental entities
We have a dedicated corporate aircraft for rapid response to accident sites and for aerial photographs

Licensed MO Investigators

Visit to learn the importance of working with licensed private investigators and the Missouri private investigator license requirements.

Our expertise in personal injury and products liability cases include:

  • Vehicle fires
  • 15-passenger van rollovers
  • Guardrail injuries and deaths
  • Railroad accidents
  • Airplane crashes
  • Tire/tread separations
  • Medical malpractice
  • Tractor-trailer accidents
  • Highway/roadway defects

Other services include:

  • Civil process service
    • Deposition subpoenas
    • Trial subpoenas
    • Summons packets on critical witnesses and defendants
    • Fee checks fronted for deposition and trial subpoenas
  • Surveillance
  • Background searches
  • Skip-traces
  • Video and photographs of accident sites and subject vehicles
  • Aerial photography
Total Litigation Support